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4 Myths About Women at the Workplace That Are So Not True!


As always, understanding women is not an easy task, which leads to several misconceptions. But, there can be no room for misunderstanding in a work space. Here’s some research that shatters some popular myths about women at the workplace.

Women hold other women back from promotions.

No, they don’t. If anything, they draw inspiration from each other. Based on a research by the University of Maryland and Columbia Business School (data from 1,500 Standard and Poor’s rated firms),it was found that “female CEOs are more often found in companies that, for observable and unobservable reasons, tend to have more women in general.”

Women undermine other female colleagues.

This is another yarn from the myth mills. From another report published by Catalyst, it became evident that 73 percent of women are developing new female talent, while only 30 percent of men are doing the same.Another statistic from the same report says that 65 percent of women and 56 percent of men who were given professional support when they were coming up are now doing the same with new hires.

Women are bad negotiators.

This is not necessarily true. Professors at the University of British Columbia found that companies headed by women directors spend less on business deals. However, from an experiment done by the University of Texas, it was found that women are not nearly as good as their male counterparts while negotiating for their salaries. They ask for an average of USD7000 lesser. But when it came to negotiating for a colleague, women fared better than men.

Women just don’t care about money when it comes to their jobs and career.

This may be further from the truth than you think. Women, in fact, are very clear on their priorities and are always weighing their options to strike a better deal. A common belief is that motherhood is one of the top reasons for women switching jobs. However, a survey by ICEDR of working millennials, found that women in their 20s and 30s left their current jobs if they found a better job that pays better with a scope for professional development while offering interesting work. Practical,if nothing else.

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