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5 Apps That Every Woman Must Have



What do women want?

That’s easy.

The world!

That’s why everything women do has an extra bit of passion, thoughtfulness, and quick thinking.  It also makes their lives more harried.

Here are a few apps that makes being a woman a tad easier.


If you are a fan of crisp, short, and ‘no nonsense’ news updates, quickly install Inshorts. Stay updated and have the world at your fingertips. A good alternative is WrapUp, which gives you the news in 5 points.

Organizing & relaxing

Amongst the zillion things that run in your head, some need to be bookmarked. Evernote allows you to create notes and save them to your smart devices. You can also add images, recipes, links, and attachments for references. And to wrap your day and relax, apps like Omvana and Headspace offer calming music and interesting brain exercises to refresh the mind.


If you are the kind who needs a little push to keep up your fitness levels, grab Sworkit. It helps you set your own fitness goals and follow a personalized workout. This app has been rated #1 in a recent study by the American College of Sports Medicine. Fitstar Personal Trainer is a great alternative with dynamic workout programs that adjust based on your feedback. You can also check out 7 minute workout if you are hard-pressed for time.


Raksha is a great way to alert your near and dear ones in times of distress. It is easy to use with SOS functionality and sends SMS in ‘no internet’ zones. Safetipin lets you set rules to alert your family and friends if something untoward happens, even if you are not in a position to initiate an alert.

Period tracker apps

It’s hard enough that it’s “that” time of the month. Add to this the tabs you need to keep on your dates and put up with the suspense games of your periods! Clue is a great app to track your periods and even your mood swings. Easy on the eye with great design and functionality, this app monitors the data and predicts your cycles, mood swings, and ovulation days. The suggested alternative is Maya, which also provides daily tips, health graphs, and allows you to jot down related notes.
So, grab those apps, buckle yourself up, and take the world by storm. Because it knows you’re coming!

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