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5 Food Tech Startups That Have Changed The Indian Food and Beverage Industry


Food and beverage industry in India is a huge market and in recent years we have seen many startups in this space. On News18 Tech we get you the top 5 food tech startups that have changed the way we order food and the lives of F&B business owners.

1. Zomato

This one tops the list without any doubt whatsoever. With its fabulous success story which is an inspiration to many startups across the globe, Zomato has become the Google of Food Industry pan India. Whether tech savvy or not, no individual in the metropolitan cities of India would ever try out a new food joint before checking out its ratings/ reviews on Zomato.

What most people don’t know about Zomato though is the plethora of services that it provides to the Food & Beverages (F&B) players apart from an online listing on its website.

Pivoting around its core (an online database for restaurants), Zomato has come a long way by introducing new services to its clients from time to time. Zomato now offers integrated Table Management System (Zomato Book), Point-Of-Sale system (Zomato Base), Online ordering through Zomato Order as well as white-labelled apps to its clients.

Operating now in 23 countries across the globe, this reactive business has shaped in a wonderful manner, putting it right at the head of the industry. With its recent acquisition of Sparse Labs (A logistics-tech startup), Zomato is now planning to expand its Delivery-Tech capabilities. It promises to launch the service (a rider tracking app for both users and restaurants) under a new name for all its restaurant partners, free of cost!

2. FoodPanda

This app requires no introduction to the general masses. Having disrupted the Indian F&B industry completely with its huge discounts and offers to the customers, FoodPanda is now an integral part of it. In a bid to acquire customers pan India, FoodPanda carried out a gigantic cash-burn policy which unfortunately brought the entire Industry down to its knees.

Why, you ask?

Well, the 50% discount that you availed from the app was paid for by Foodpanda. As a result, restaurants could not sell their food at their own set rates in the open market meaning, the orders only flew in through the app while the overall orders declined.

The one who didn’t tie up with the company suffered miserably. But going forward, it got what it wanted i.e. every restaurant to be a part of FoodPanda’s listing and every smartphone user to be its customer.

Today, FoodPanda caters to more than 50 cities across India with around 10 million customers. In a very short time, this startup has become a lifeline for most of the foodies to order food to their doorstep with just a click-and-click interface on their app.

On the B2B side, almost every restaurant providing home delivery services have made it a point to enrol themselves on FoodPanda simply because of the exposure that this app provides to them in the local region.

3. Swiggy

Take the concept of FoodPanda and add a logistics tangent to it. This is exactly what Swiggy does.

With an app providing a platform for the end customers to order food from, Swiggy also provides delivery fleet to their restaurant partners to make sure there is no such thing as an untimely delivery.

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