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5 Life Hacks to Deal with Burnout at Work Easily


Don’t feel like going to work anymore? Find yourself exhausted, distressed, and disinterested in work and life? These are signs of burnout at work that very few, especially women, own up to.

Ignoring the signs of burnout is not going to help.Instead, deal with it and get out of the rut. Here are some easy hacks to combat stress and avoid a breakdown.

Take a timeout: Working continuously often takes a toll on your mind and you tend to take longer to finish the task than needed. When you feel the ‘brain freeze’, you know it’s time to step away from your desk and replenish your cerebral energy.

Take a tech sabbatical: There is a reason why people say, “don’t carry your work back home.” This is difficult when you have it in the palm of your hand (read gadgets). Stop! Take a break from those digital monsters after business hours. You rule your life, not them!

 Discover an interesting hobby: Not all work is exhausting. Do things that are pleasurable—take moonlight walks on the beach or learn to barbecue better than your spouse. Happiness is a welcome byproduct!

Escape for the weekend: Leave work behind and take off on a sojourn to unwind, de-stress, and simply take in life. After all, you are working so hard to enjoy a better life, aren’t you?

Confide in someone: It always helps to “talk it out” with your friend or your hubby. You will feel better once you have discussed your issues and get another opinion. There, now you know why your grandma always said, “talk it out; don’t keep it in.”

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