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5 Things Every Woman Needs To Start Demanding In 2017


When you have been taught to give all your life, asking can be difficult. It’s taken women ages to say ‘no’ to things they don’t like. So, step into 2017 with a resounding ‘yes’ to a few things all women should ask for. For, the Universe says, “Ask and you shall get!”

Trust and Respect:


You bestow nothing but undiluted trust and respect on your family, friends and colleagues.Well, then there is absolutely no harm or foul in expecting the same from them. In fact, it’s high time you asked for it.



Don’t you work as hard as your colleague? Then, why shy away from asking for more or what is rightfully yours?After all ‘Apna Sapna Money’ is your dream too, honey.

You’re not a shrinking violet:


You are strong and not afraid to hear the truth about things that matter to you. It’s high time you asked for the unvarnished truth instead of sugar crusted opinions from your family, friends, and colleagues.

Security is not just a buzzword:


Ladies,it’s your prerogative to be safe. So,don’t wait for others to hand it over on a platter. Self-reliance and self-defense are key. Be responsible and take precautions at home, at work, or when with friends. More importantly, demand a safe environment and working atmosphere for yourself and fellow women.

Break free, you deserve it:


Run yourself ragged and you end up working double time picking up the dropped balls. Stop, take a deep breath, and relax. It’s time to take a break—you have earned it!

Don’t settle for scraps;ask for the meat instead. If anyone deserves all that they desire, it’s you!

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