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9 Style Rules Every Working Woman Should Follow


Flawless pleats, crisp linen, straight-out-of-the-laundry whites, pumps that make you fly—how can you not love fashionable formals?

Here’s a quick checklist to keep your flamboyant style in check. Because, you know, sudden appointments pop up. Also, the HR folks have been watching!

Nobody likes the wrinkles
Press your clothes and keep them ready the previous night before you go to bed. Even if you are repeating a shirt before you wash it, a hot iron gives it a new lease of life.

Shoulders, no straps!

If you really are in the mood for a sleeveless top, pick one where the edges of the sleeves extend till the shoulders. Avoid off-shoulders, halters, and spaghettis. Those can wait for the weekends.

4-inch necklines

The neckline? Never lower than 4 inches below your collar bone. Keep it high, keep it classy. You will never be conscious even if there’s a sudden presentation or a quick client meeting.

Semi-casual or Semi-formal?

Keep them guessing by balancing your casual comfortable denims with a smart blazer or oxfords.

Subtle and stylish

Busy prints are distracting. If you do love prints, pick subtle stripes or florals in pastel shades. You want them talking about your work, not your clothes.

Prints & plains

Here a rule: if one is a print, make the other plain. Bold prints on your pants? Balance it with a crisp white shirt. Floral pink tops? Slip into a white linen pant. It’s that easy.

Sheer trouble

Sheers are in, but tricky for office wear. To pull it off, you just need to be extra cautious. A camisole beneath and a blazer on top will seal the deal.

Don’t get weak in the knees

No women can resist the short skirts and dresses. But when it comes to business, keep the love at bay, opt for knee-length hemlines. Chic and smart!

Pump it up

Not sure if your footwear is too flashy? Or worried if the pairing is not going right? Keep it safe and stick to your black pumps. There’s no way you can wrong with this.

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