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Having It All?


Women and multitasking have long been mentioned in the same breath and with good reason. We cook, clean, go to office, get the children to study, run errands, pay utility bills and generally do it all. We lead successful careers, are excellent wives, daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law, sisters, counsellors, next door neighbours and faithful friends. Sure, we get lauded for it too. We all have read odes composed on us, admiring us for our superwomen capabilities. On an average each woman receives at least 4 such messages, more from men than women, reminding her, that she is a wonderful creation of God, without her the world would stop existing and how she completes a man’s world. Not that women get impacted by these rave reviews from their better halves, nor does it stop them from achieving super human feats, day in and day out!

A stressful day for a man is just another routine day for a woman. But where are we going with all this? In an age where technology is supposed to make our lives easier and more convenient, bring our loved ones closer and give us time to sit back and relax with a book and a hot cuppa steaming coffee, do you ever wonder when was the last time you did just that? Caught up with a friend, giggled like a silly school girl and went ballistic over a half eaten chocolate? I bet every woman out there is the uncrowned Multitasking Queen. We are so good at it that women have begun to symbolize this apparently lofty achievement. What is true in our personal lives is true in our work/professional lives as well. We are multitasking on multiple projects. In several organizations because of agile technologies, customer demands and rapidly changing trends, multiple projects are on the floor at the same time. We have to please them all, the biggest customer being our boss.

Multitasking appears to save us precious time and to do what we always want to do, relax and destress. But pause for a moment and think, does multitasking indeed get the job done? Israeli physicist Dr Eliyahu Goldratt in his path breaking book Critical Chain proves otherwise. According to his study, multitasking wastes time instead of saving it. Through a very interesting demonstration he proves that multitasking erodes the quality of work, takes more time to complete a task and in fact leaves you with no room to breathe.

Result? More work, more stress and perennially being behind the deadlines and so more multitasking! Before you know, it’s a vicious loop you are in. So what do we do now? Simple, it’s time to start Monotasking. Monotasking is the ability to focus on one activity, complete it and then move on to the next. This will enhance the quality of the task, get it done in optimum time and the best is, leave you feeling happy about it. Be the woman who is smart, sassy, and a monotasker. Think MONO, think TIME. It will let you escape to that spa whose doors you haven’t entered since you got married, exercise, which you never did since you started working, or better still catch up with your children, whom you never met peacefully since they arrived in this world. Want to do it all? Do it now, stop multitasking, start monotasking, Slow down and get a life, woman.

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Sayali Shende is a Corporate Trainer and Founder of Crackerjack, a training & development solutions company. She has rich and diverse experience with corporate and academia in USA and India.

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