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Healthy Gourmet, the Eatonomist Way


Aspiring to shed those extra kilos? Yet every time you look at that chocolate dessert in front of you, you cannot resist that “one spoon” or you flinch at the look of that dreary salad day-after-day. Founded by ex-management consultants Nupur Khanna and Anisha Dhar, the health food tech startup  Eatonomist, with its ‘kitchen-in-cloud’ model, is transforming how people can satiate their taste buds without the after-taste of guilt.

A busy day at the office and all you want to do is gorge on some yummy fries and “finger-licking”, calorie laden burger. Yet, the thought of those New Year health resolutions seem to be playing on your mind and you wonder despairingly why healthy food cannot taste just as good. Many women professionals face this situation every day when they are hungry and want to tuck into food that is definitely not an oil-soaked ‘vada pav’ or a spicy chaat.

Nupur Khanna and Anisha Dhar’s shared passion for food and desire to provide busy professionals a  guilt-free eating experience was what led the duo to start their venture , which is a gourmet meal planner and one of the pioneers in the field of online restaurants. The calorie-counted healthy meals are a dream-come-true for many food lovers and the wide international and national menu is certainly the icing on the cake. So if you’re tired on munching on the boring old salad for days, you can give your taste buds a treat with delectable Mexican, Italian, Indian and Asian cuisines such as a Bengali Fish Curry and Rice or Pita wraps served with smoked chicken and beetroot moutabel and a delectable roasted tomato with basil soup.

What sets Eatonomist apart from competitors is the use of fresh ingredients and the absence of chemicals and preservatives in their food. It works on ‘kitchen-in-cloud’ business model which does not have a physical store. The menu is limited and orders are taken online and delivered from a centralized or distributed kitchen network. So preservative-free bread, lean cuts of meat and the use of in-house whole wheat pasta is how Eatonomist maintains its healthy menu and “serves goodness” to its customers. The founders, Nupur and Anisha, strongly believe that good food is directly related to happiness. In the pursuit of a good meal, many people go astray and fall into the trap of unhealthy eating habits. With Eatonomist, they want to ensure that all these people leading super hectic lives should leave their one biggest worry, food, to them.

Anisha is responsible for New Business development, Marketing, and Sourcing. Having grown up in Jammu and Delhi, she got her degree in computer science in 2006 from Bangalore. With over seven years of work experience and extensive management consulting experience in strategy formulation, market entry, and client management, she realized that it is ‘food’ that she is really passionate about. She found an ideal partner in Nupur who also shared the same vision and dream. Schooled in Delhi and armed with an MBA from Rochester University, she has worked with Ernst & Young as a Management Consultant with the Financial Advisory Team. She has worked across diverse fields such as business research, market research, and data analytics and media. Growing up in a traditional business family, starting her own venture was a natural stepping stone for Nupur.

For Nupur and Anisha, the drive for their venture came from their desire to enable professionals achieve their diet and fitness goals, without the hassles involved in grocery shopping or cooking elaborate meals.

Like every start-up, after the conception of their idea, things were not as easy and what followed was a whole lot of experimenting, recipe trials and market research. Nupur and Anisha say, “We visited gyms, hospitals, schools etc and realized in the name of health all that was being sold were salads, soups and steamed or boiled tasteless food. Foodies like us wanted real food without piling on the calories that came with it. We also conducted surveys with corporates to help us understand the market better.”  They put together an accomplished team of seasoned chefs and nutritionists to navigate through the ever challenging world of healthy eating. Months of research and multiple recipe trials (yummy ones, at that) they managed to achieve the unthinkable – over 80 menu options (and counting) that confidently walk the thin line between healthy and tasty.”

Based in Gurgaon, Eatonomist is currently looking for market space to open kiosks in high footfall areas. These kiosks will serve as small boutique stores where customers can come and pick up their meals for the day. The kiosks will have heating devices and the food will be prepared in a centralized kitchen. Further, Eatonomist has plans of extending its product offerings to specialized industries catering to the particular need of customers in each segment. It hopes to close the loop with taking care of both primary and secondary needs of the customers.

Like an Irish proverb says, laughter is brightest where the food is the best.  This passionate foodie duo has carved out a niche` for themselves by living their dream to make eating a delightful and guilt-free experience for all.

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