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Top 5 Must-have Skills in Every Working Woman’s Kitty


Not all women thrive on uncertainty, risk, and the thrill of a business deal. That doesn’t mean they aren’t born to be successful. Yet, working to reach a goal calls for a set of skills that every woman should master.

Take a look at the top 5 skills every woman should cultivate to be successful.

Communicate like a Pro: 

Communication is the key to seamless planning and execution of tasks you are responsible for. It’s easy to be misjudged, so knowing how to speak and write to business partners, colleagues, and clients is a skill worth learning.Being able to entice your consumers to buy repeatedly and investors to invest every time you put forth an idea is communication at its best.

Share the workload:

Yes, most women would prefer doing things themselves. But, that’s where you could go wrong. To achieve what you set out to do, learn how to share the workload. Acknowledge that you can’t do everything yourself, so delegate to people who believe in the same goal as you and may actually be better than you in the specific task at hand. Find the best way to encourage your coworkers, hand over the baton, and accomplish goals that benefit the business.

Network or die (no, not really):

Sharpen your skills to build relationships and learn to strike up a conversation wherever you are. Standing aloof will give you nothing, while it’s “no harm, no foul” if you network. The more you converse, the more the prospects that come your way. Be open to making connections anytime and anyplace.

Be Resilient:

Women tend to take every reproach to heart, which affects their work. Not allowing setbacks to affect you and letting criticism roll off your back will definitely help you bounce back faster. As a certain Mr. Goswami would concur, “it’s water off a duck’s back!” Stay calm and strong mentally, and watch yourself tackle anything that comes your way.

Accept Credit, it is okay:  

Most women would credit their success to everything else but themselves. Learn to accept credit when it is due to you. Show confidence in your talent and fearlessness, and the others will follow. Believe in yourself!

Cultivate and master these skills, and watch yourself do better at everything you take up, whether it’s entrepreneurship, an occupation, or a productive passion.


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