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10 Social Media Branding Strategies You Had No Clue About


One internet. So many voices jostling for attention.

How do you make sure yours is loud enough?

This is the question that social media marketers today begin and end their day with. The challenge to come up with newer, better, and more original ways of branding has become a way of life for those who work in this field. Here are 10 social media branding strategies that you probably haven’t thought of yet.

  1. Tell a Story – Literally

The days of 30-second cookery or detergent ads that look like a throwback from 90s TV are gone. The best ads and therefore, the most memorable brands, tell a story, even if they need 4 minutes to do so. It’s simple – announce to people from the outset that you have a story to tell, and they’ll wait to see how it ends.

  1. Have Some Brand Banter Going On

Neutrality is a hallmark of a bygone era when brands were supposed to keep their noses out of people’s affairs. Get involved with your audience, talk to them, banter with them, and don’t shy away from giving an opinion on what’s going on in the world right now.

  1. Use Your Company culture

Every good brand has an in-house culture. Some gun for high achievement, some go for fun, some are laid back. Leverage this culture in your tweets and posts. Use hashtags that evoke your company culture and get your audience involved in it.

  1. Use Listicles

Listicles are all the rage right now. Create real-time listicles to put up on your accounts. Even better if you get half your list from your audience via crowdsourcing contest or activity.

  1. Use Your Customers

No one advocates for a brand better than a happy customer. Find yours, and bring them into the light. Make a video that tells their story, and their relationship with your brand. It’s the easiest and most authentic way to pitch your brand to new buyers.

  1. Use Podcasts

Content is no longer restricted to the written word. Create podcasts that are fun, have influencers speak with you, and if you can go the extra mile and dial in members of your audience to speak – you’ll make sure that you have their attention.

  1. Use GIFs

In the everyday fast-paced world of social media, you need a tool that lets you express a lot in a very brief moment. Voila – GIFs! There’s a GIF image for every reaction out there, and you can even make your own brand-themed GIFs!

  1. Use Reality to Create Great Games

Augmented reality is the next big gaming phenomenon – look at how Pokemon Go has taken over the streets. I’m not saying you have to go that far to build an engaging game for your brand, but there are many ways to incorporate the offline world into an online game – example – treasure hunts!

  1. Let Someone Else Take Over

Just for a day, let one lucky customer or audience member or celebrity take over your Twitter or Instagram accounts. The result will be a day that’s crazy, authentic, extremely interesting to your audience (who knows, they might get picked next!) and a fun highlight of your branding. After all, the best way to get someone involved in your story is to let them tell it.

  1. Let The Dogs Out

Did you know that posts featuring cute animals are some of the highest clicked posts? When you’re creating a brand on social media, you have no time to play it safe or be bland. If your audience likes cute puppies and kittens, it’s high time you began using them in your imagery. The photo will hook your audience, and then your content can make them stay.

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