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3 reasons why Telecommuting can work for Organisations in their quest for Talent


With the underlying principle of diminishing geographies, telecommuting, an arrangement of working from a remote location or home and connecting to your workplace ‘virtually’,  is a valuable way of working.

A few reasons how it works well for both the employee and the employer

  1. Telecommuting is a business need. The best global minds and expert talent is not always available in the 5- 10 kilometre radius of your workplace. Telecommuting allows you to work with top talent, regardless of where they are or what time zone they might be in. It is also a great way to retain top talent by giving them more flexibility. Companies like Xerox and Dell have been using telecommuting to have the best in their fields on board as employees, consultants or shareholders.
  1. Telecommuting is not for everyone. Just like running a marathon may not be everyone’s cup of tea, same is the case in this. Telecommuting is not just working from the comforts of a third location; it is about having the right job profile, individual attitude and competencies. Managers usually need to evaluate tele-work options based on three things: individual (does the employee have the right capabilities and competencies), job function (can the work be performed at home) and home environment (must meet security standards).Many industries example manufacturing facility cannot provide telecommuting.
  1. Companies save huge amount of money in real estate in housing many employees. The related indirect cost of increased carbon footprints, e-waste, cost of furnishing and making attractive cubicles etc goes down by a huge amount.


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