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4 Questions You Can Choose Not to Answer in A Job Interview



It is one thing to be a recruiter and another thing to be a private investigator. It is often found that the former loves to play Sherlock at times. On the flip side, candidates often forget that they do not have to share every detail of their lives to recruiters or interviewers. Some things can be kept private. You are seeking employment after all, not a spouse.

So, be aware of these 4 questions that are definite deal-breakers because no one wants any unwanted surprises at interviews.

  1. Are you married?

You might think that this question may not be inappropriate but it is an indirect way of finding out your sexual orientation because many recruiters cannot ask this directly. Also, they would like to know if you are likely to move to another city after getting married and you may be an unnecessary investment, according to them. But. this is a personal matter and companies need not know all your future marital plans.

  1. Are you planning to start a family? / Do you have kids?

You’ll be surprised how often women are asked these questions. This brings up a host of issues regarding needed leaves for maternity and child care. Sometimes, they do not lie in favour of women and many quit their job because of it. But, honestly it is none of their business and it must not hinder you from taking up a job if you desire it.

  1. Which political party do you support?

Political ideologies and support are a personal choice and they do not have any professional bearing. This could be a trick question to get you into a debate or the person asking you might have strong political views and might like to air them. So don’t fall for it!

  1. What are your religious beliefs?

Essentially, you should not be asked this question at all, unless you are aspiring to be a priest. But, if not, no company has to know your beliefs or the lack of it because it does not negatively affect your performance at work in any way. If you are being pestered about it, it just speaks for high unprofessionalism.

So, when searching for jobs you must know that you are not at the mercy of recruiters to be under meddlesome scrutiny. This truly reveals the need for appropriate training for recruiters because it could put people in a sticky situation, whether you are the candidate, or the recruiter. One should be better informed, than be caught in the headlights.


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