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5 Quirky Startup Ideas for the Go-Getter Woman


Superwoman.A multitasking pro whose mind never rests. You crave for another 24 hours in the day for the gazillion things that are out there to be done.

Yes, that’s you,lady!

So, routine bores you. You need something bigger. Like entrepreneurship.That’s where your organizational and enterprising skills will come in more than handy to solve the world’s next big ‘what’.

Here are a few startup ideas you can mulch on.

Housemaids on call: Most women are scared of one thing—the maid calling in sick or visiting their hometown. What if you could have a housemaid on call? She will come to your house and clean it up for you in a jiffy. All you need to do is make a call and pay, just like if you shop on Myntra or Jabong. Sounds interesting?You betcha!

 Playmates center: Your children have become adept at playing with various gadgets, making them loners. Playmates can be the go-to option here,where you can take your children and meet up with other kids. This helps your kids grow up to be well-rounded individuals.

Fresh produce delivered:Not a fan of market hopping but love fresh produce? How about a grocer who delivers fresh produce every day? The need of the hour is a subscription service where you list items you like and quantities you need, and the grocery picks a few items available to deliver.

Gym buddy: Averse to gymming alone like so many women out there? What if you could pick a buddy from alist and go together?Get a toned midriff and daily gossip fix at the same time!

School waiting lounge:Most women end up waiting either to meet the teachers at school or for their kids to be released. Why not sit at the waiting lounge nearby and get a waxing or spa therapy? Now, that is time utilization.


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