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6 Women Who Just Didn’t Know How to Quit


1.Yusra Mardini


This 18-year-old Syrian swam for her life for more than three hours after her small dinghy, full of refugees, capsized.The same grit was on display as she competed in the 2016 Summer Olympics. Yusra Mardini has raised her voice in the past against dehumanization of refugees like her.

2. Asieh Amini


Honor killings and injustice against women in the Iranian judicial system rattled Asieh Amini, a poet, journalist, and women’s rights activist no end. So much so that she founded the Stop Stoning Forever Campaign in 2006.

3. Seyhan Arman


This Turkish transgender rights activist has one aim in life—to improve lives of transgender people in Turkey. The credo of Seyhan Arman, also a playwright, is “Life is good. Everything will be alright in the end.”

4. Reshma Qureshi


Acid attack survivor Reshma Qureshi stole the 2016 New York Fashion Week with a difference. This Indian model and vlogger has been associated with nonprofit organization, “Make Love Not Scars’ since 2014.

5. Muzoon Almellehan


After seeing many girls drop out of schools to get married, Muzoon Almellehan started a campaign to keep Syrian girls in schools.

6. Habiba Da Silva


Nude colors fascinated 22-year-old Habiba Da Silva immensely,leading her to roll out a hijab line, Skin, which was a perfect blend between nude colors and all skin tones. Habiba’s of Lebanese and Brazilian descent.

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