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A Chair to Make Workout Possible While Sitting at Work!



When they say, ‘Sit Tight’ they mean it. To counter the adverse health effect of our sedentary work life, Scott Bahneman and his team designed an ergonomic chair ‘Sit Tight’. The story goes like this: one fine day Scott realised he was getting fat, hence after considerable brainstorming, he found out what seems to be a perfect solution that would bridge the two worlds, work and working out. Applying the logic of balancing weight from his good old days in the gym, Scott developed the idea of ‘Sit Tight’.

The chair is less of a traditional chair and appears more like a bar stool. It has no arms or backrest, so when sitting upright on it one has to support oneself by strengthening the core muscles. The ‘balanced active sitting’ gives you a good core work out. The main feature that makes you active is the air bladder at the bottom of the chair. The air bladder ‘makes the chair dynamic’ and you need to constantly work on the balance. However, you do not finally lose your balance and land on the floor because the Tilt Guard Protection allows the seater only 15 degrees angular movement. That’s the strategy, the chair will hobble and you’ll need to adjust the balance.

There is a method of sitting on the chair and once you acquire the skill, it’s fun. You work your way up three levels to achieve the perfect active sitting posture. As per the Sit Tight experts, you need to spend around 20-30 days at each level. Beginning with level one, you gradually master the technique to reach to level three and enjoy the complete work out benefits.

Here’s what Sit Tight offers you with.

  • Activate and strengthen your core
  • Engage your mind
  • Burn calories, lose weight
  • Improve your posture

The chair’s design, approved by medical experts, provides the necessary benefits that long hours of sitting deprive us of. It took almost 6 years to materialise the idea of Sit Tight into reality. As per reports, the price will be affordable.

Many health and fitness trainers are already excited and optimistic about the chair. So, we just hope that this innovative multipurpose seater will be worth the wait.

Image credit: kickstarter.com

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