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A Secret Billionaire’s Menu at Wall Street is Everything You’ve Ever Dreamed Of



With almost everything gloriously flecked in 24-carat gold leaf and gold dust, a humble grilled cheese sandwich at Delmonico’s costs a bank-account-busting $100. Opening its doors in 1837, the oldest restaurant in America attracts the crème de la crème of money makers. With billionaires trying to one-up each other with the most outrageously over the top orders, thus was born, The Billionaires Menu.

Who is eating the most gold?

With a prime location just a few steps away from the New York Stock Exchange, it has been the ‘it’ place for flamboyant food on its billionaire’s menu. The most expensive being the “Billionaire’s Flatbread” which will set you back a whopping $150. With lobster, wagyu, black truffle shavings, foie gras and of course edible 24-carat gold leaf, this flat bread is surely anything but basic. Executive Chef Billy Oliva said, “We have a lot of Wall Street guys down here, and they’re always looking to outdo one another.” And what better way to brandish wealth with edible gold and the some of the most expensive ingredients on earth, like black truffles. Chef Billy Oliva also said, “The bartenders know about it, the servers in the bar know about it. They all started with regulars that were looking for something different.” So, it’s not that much of a secret after all.

Even Abraham Lincoln dined here

It all began when some high-profile, but regular customers wanted something different back in the 1800s. Charles Ranhofer who was the uber famous chef at the time allowed for a select few to have their meals customised and soon others joined the bandwagon. The iconic chef has been credited to being the inventor of some of the most famous dishes like Eggs Benedict, Lobster Newburg, Baked Alaska and Chicken A la Keene which all feature on the restaurant’s regular menu. Delmonico’s was also frequented by the likes of icons like Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain, which gives it the ultimate celebrity approval.

However, with a price tag like this, looks like it’s going to take a lifetime to even be able to smell The Billionaire Menu. Though it reads amazingly well, one does wonder about all that edible gold leaf. Gimmick? Well, the proof is in the pudding, if you have the money that is!

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