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Anisha Singh’s LetterNote Brings Bespoke Stationery You’ll Love to Own



In today’s age of smartphones and tablets, everything is digitized. Whether it is your weekly schedule, reminders, notes etc, the age of buying stationery for these purposes seems like a bygone era. However, graphic designer Anisha Singh’s LetterNote, a company she started with her husband has been bringing gorgeous stationery pieces everyone will be proud to brandish in class or the workplace.

A natural bent towards art and culture

Co-founders Anisha Singh and Gurpreet Singh started LetterNote in 2012 to promote minimalist and practical products like home and office decor, graphic art prints, bags, accessories etc. Anisha, a professional graphic designer has a Master’s in Art History from the National Museum Institute and once also worked with the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (Delhi), promoting India’s glorious heritage and art. With a deep-seated attraction to all things art, culture, design and photography, she decided to launch LetterNote which perfectly connects these aspects. In 2012, they opened their first standalone store in Hauz Khas Village in Delhi.

Juggling motherhood and entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship brings its own bevvy of challenges, and being an entrepreneur and a mother Anisha says, “I feel prioritising activities and accepting all the help offered has helped me come this far. My daughter Samaira is my motivation, and my husband, Gurpreet a great pillar of support.” Currently focusing mainly on e-commerce, they have also branched out LetterNote overseas, selling in small boutiques in Singapore, Australia, and Switzerland. They are also looking to expand to other countries since owning unique stationery is such a niche thing in India. She says, “Most people go buy stationery out of necessity – you need a notebook for something – while we as a brand, we’re selling fine stationery as notebooks that you would love and want, rather than need.”

Unique stationery is a niche market in India

She advises potential businesswomen by saying, “It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to build a dream. There are times when patience runs out, but that is exactly when you need to push yourself even more. Running a business is like raising a baby. Both don’t come with a list of instructions and you learn something new every single day.” With a great idea like LetterNote, this husband and wife duo are converting people to the love for stationery. Though the Indian demographics are slowly embracing unique notebooks and pens, companies like LetterNote are making sure this demand is met with Pinterest and Instagram-worthy products no one can resist.

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