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Are You Making The Right Impression?


We were at a daylong training session on ‘Communication Skill’ for a corporate giant. I started off with a basic question to the participants on how do we communicate? And a majority of them answered ‘through our conversations or mails or messages’.

Most of us must be also aware that apart from the language we speak verbally or in words, we have another language which our body and face speak. We must have sometime read or heard about a research that says that 93% of the communication we do is ‘Non- Verbal’ and only 7% is done through the words we speak. Yet, it doesn’t occur to us in the first instance when we talk about effective communication. Impressions are more heavily influenced by nonverbal cues than verbal cues. Studies have found that non-verbal cues have over four times the impact on the impression you make than anything you say.

Amazed? That’s why, by looking at someone we are able to judge that whether the person is happy, sad, lost in thought or anxious. How do we get to know about these emotions when the other person hasn’t spoken about it? Because our brain interprets the body and facial expressions of the other person and sends the signals for us to act accordingly. Why do we straighten up our spine as soon as we receive an important phone call?

Conscious knowledge of body language, both our own and the others, can help us steer many situations at work in our favor. It takes only 7 seconds for someone to create an impression about us, which could be our last impression in the minds of our clients, seniors and subordinates. In such a short span the non-verbal communication plays a key role and that’s why we need to be very conscious of the language of clothes and our body.

Research says women entrepreneurs find hard getting funds for their ventures than their male counterparts. It’s not about that women cannot perform, it’s about them getting a “Chance” to perform. How to get a chance largely depends on your making an impression through your non-verbal communication – your external appearance and your body language!


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Ruchi Suneja

Ruchi Suneja, founder of Ikon Image Consulting and one of the leading Image Coaches in Western India talks to us about how to build one’s personal brand to standout in the crowd and carve a space for ourselves in our professions of choice.

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