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Aruna Miller Plans to Bring Engineering & Lawmaking Background to Congress


With that immigrant work ethic, Aruna Miller has been furiously campaigning and fundraising since the summer of last year in the US. With her foray into politics, she plans to use her educational background as an engineer to become a problem-solver.

Takes a sort of a pragmatic approach towards governing

Opening her first campaign office in Germantown in December 2017, she is ‘a 6th District resident from Darnestown and two-term member of the Maryland House of Delegates from Montgomery County.’ Taking a sort of a pragmatic approach towards governing from her professional training, she says, “I’m a civil engineer. As an engineer, I’ve been trained to solve problems. Wherever I see a problem, my job is to go out there, fix the problem. There’s always a solution.” Proud of her achievements since entering politics like prioritising constituent services, making connections to address residents’ problems, ‘supporting the passage of same-sex marriage rights, a state Dream Act, gun control legislation and repealing the death penalty’, there is still much to be done.

Was inspired by the Bush versus Gore election in 2000

Coming to the US when she was just 7 years old with her parents, she became interested in politics during the Bush versus Gore election in 2000 and its fate was decided not by the voters but by the Supreme Court. It was then she realised that “democracy needed me. Not as a bystander or to cast a vote when there’s an election – I needed to engage and empower others every day. I started to volunteer locally which brought me face to face with the needs and problems of others in the community.” Also having a strong background in law, she said, “I think that’s exactly what Congress needs right now: people with legislative experience that understand the give-and-take of trying to come up with solutions.”

Proving to be a great problem-solving leader, she hopes to make a difference in the lives of the people in her local community with her expertise.

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