Author, Speaker, Leader, Michele Thornton Shares How To Bring Out The Leader In Oneself | woman at work

Author, Speaker, Leader, Michele Thornton Shares How To Bring Out The Leader In Oneself



Women are born leaders, natural administrators, for who else could have managed the household with as much confidence, organisation and commitment…for centuries! And today, when women are stepping into the shoes of leaders beyond the hearth, they are excelling at it. Michele Thornton is not only an example of an empowered woman, her book talks about how women can empower themselves and tap into their leadership side in whatever they do.

Thornton, the senior vice president of Television Sales for BET’s sister network, Centric TV, is an author, speaker and mother of two. Her extensive experience over the years in various roles across leading organizations and platforms like CNN, A&E, History and The Weather Channel have won her many awards and accolades. The lady who also is part of Hip Hop Sisters Network advisory board has brought together her insights and learning in her book exclusively for women named Stratechic Life and Career Winning Strategies for Women.

Having been in a leadership role for long enough, all she’s focussing on, now, is to transfer the skills to other women. She calls herself “a multi-faceted leader” and believes that besides skills, one must acquire certain qualities to become a leader. When most of us, in a bid to climb the ladder of success, only set our vision on honing professional skills, Thornton emphasizes on learning from life. She shares what influenced her on her journey, “my personal experiences have shaped me and I am constantly learning from the people in my circle. I take those lessons and apply them to everything that I do”.

She keeps self-awareness on the highest rung of self-enhancement as a leader. “The number one quality that we sometimes overlook is self-awareness. It is critical in everything you do. When you know what’s going on around you, how people view you, then you can avoid roadblocks and bad decisions.” She says. As against the new age axiom that tells us to ignore what others think of you, Thornton believes that to be a leader “it’s more critical to know how people view you and move accordingly”

“The world is moving too fast for us to work with our heads down in silos”. Thus, she advises women on their journey as leaders to build teams, as teams if properly harnessed, can become your greatest support system. 

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