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Blogging is the new Trend in Online Marketing


‘Content is the King’ is a phrase that defines the importance of words in marketing. Today, every kind of industry is adopting the online marketing method to either grow or maintain their business. A trend that everybody is taking up is blogging about their business. It could be blogs on topics about the company’s services or anything related to the type of industry that the business is in.

Did you know that 40% of the companies, big and small, use blogs for marketing purpose and 48% people read blogs more than once a day? So, small or big, for every business blogging has become the underpin of the marketing strategy. People might diversify the way they consume content but written content is as important as your other marketing strategies.

Creating a steady content stream doesn’t happen overnight, but the more effort you put in towards it, the greater your return will be. Over time, your content will become sharper, making your site the go-to place for relevant knowledge within your occupied industry.Blogging is now a tool to increase the inbound traffic of the business. The content has to be engaging, irrespective of your topic of discussion or product. Even a boring service can be enticing if the blog written on it demands attention.

Below are some reasons for which blogging is the new trend on the block:

  • Blogging drives traffic to your website.

When consumers read blogs that are helpful and meaningful without the sales pitch they are more apt to visit your website to learn more. It is an indirect way of selling your service, but an unfaltering way to build trust and support from your existing or potential new clients.

  • Assure your customers that you are the best in town.

The best way to show you are the smartest provider on the block is by sharing your knowledge for free. “Sell” a school on your smarts before selling them on your product and you will establish yourself as the go-to person when schools have questions.

  • Blogging demands long-term results.

Some think that writing a blog is a weeklong marketing venture. You write, you post and a few leads trickle your way. Wrong. That blog continues to build momentum over and over again as new leads search the internet for a question and your blog pops up as a search result! A few leads the first week could result in 100 leads throughout the year.

  • Drive your audience to the next step.

The important part of blogging is to drive your reader to the next step. Do you want them to review a whitepaper to dive in deeper to learn more about the work you do or maybe drive them to your Facebook page to increase likes? Don’t be afraid to tell them what to do next!

  • Better understanding of your business.

This might sound a little counter-intuitive, but writing about the work you do over and over brings clarification. You may tweak that slogan you have been working on or rephrase your pitch by writing about it.

According to research, blogging is the most popular way of bringing in traffic and an essential part of marketing strategies. You might get lost in a sea of rhetorical articles about a blog working for your business or not but don’t lose sight of the importance and perhaps growing importance of the written word. The best way to see results is by diving in right away and adopting the trend!


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