Chef Shagun Mehra’s Femme Foodies is Taking the Food Truck Trend to the Streets of India | woman at work

Chef Shagun Mehra’s Femme Foodies is Taking the Food Truck Trend to the Streets of India



Randomly stumbling upon her YouTube channel where she demonstrates her captivating flair for cooking, Chef Shagun Mehra was approached on Facebook to become the new judge of a new food truck reality show titled, Femme Foodies. Her passion for food and her status as a luxury chef and sommelier has made her a sensation in the country.

Being in a commercial kitchen is freeing and fulfilling

Promoting women in the restaurant industry, Femme Foodies will give women a platform to showcase their unique skills to create a memorable dining experience. She says, “Although a woman may usually head a domestic kitchen, female chefs in a commercial kitchen are still few and far between. Although it is slowly changing, I’m delighted to advocate women within gastronomy.” Currently working in Goa at the luxury Coco Shambhala as a Chef and Sommelier, she loves what she does, saying, “I love the platform I’m standing on. It does not tie me down and allows me to create freely. It’s very fulfilling.” Taking immense pride in creating a bespoke plate of memories for diners, she also embraces change as it comes. Whether it is in winemaking or travelling across the glorious expansion of India, exploring food, she is a true evolver.

Was schooled at the eye-opening Les Roche

Getting her culinary education from the prestigious Les Roche, she experienced one of the best cross-cultural environments, meeting people from all over the world. With an influence like this, it comes as no surprise that her work is heavily influenced by this beautiful fusion of India with the rest of the world. She also adds, “My programme was well rounded and I learnt skills in housekeeping, service, operations and management. It’s a brilliant programme with an incredible selection of teachers and guides.” Now part of the Femme Foodies judging panel, she will give aspiring chefs her professional opinion and critique on the new show. Shot in Goa, the show has taken inspiration from the concept of ‘Gourmet on Wheels’ and is aired on the Living Foods channel

As a torchbearer for Indian women in the food industry, she is paving the way for young women to join in an exciting career in the culinary world.

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