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Dance Your Stress Away!



From Lord Shiva’s Tandava to the festivities in our life, dance plays an integral part in expressing deep emotions and has been a part of our history and life. But very few of us explore dance as a cathartic experience that has the power to heal our mind, body and soul. Dilshad Patel, dance movement therapist and wellness consultant, Founder of ‘The Creative Movement, tells us why dance can be an excellent therapy to cleanse and cure us from inside out.

“Dance is a psycho-therapeutic treatment method which uses dance movements to express internal emotions and feelings. The main premise behind harnessing movement for therapy stems from the belief that the body and mind are connected – so the state of the body affects mental and emotional health and vice versa. Dance is a creative expression and movement is considered as intrinsic to the ritual of healing”

You do not need to be a professional dancer to experience the joy and the freedom of grooving to a happy tune. “Age is no bar to learn dance, we have people who are in their 50s as well as in their 60s! who join dance classes” says Terence Lewis, well-known Bollywood choreographer.

According to experts, dance builds confidence with one’s self and one’s body. If one is taking dance therapy, the trainer would take her on a journey of improvised dance movements that would on one hand create body awareness, on the other frees the conscious self from restricted movements.

Lewis emphasizes on the health benefits of dance: “If you dance regularly it increases your cardio vascular endurance, improves flexibility, agility and muscular tone”. No wonder a healthy body nurtures a healthy mind.

Today, surrounded by way too many distractions, multiple commitments and the ever-escalating desire to be the best, life has become synonymous with stress. Dance can be our best resort and it is indeed making a comeback in our everyday life. Thanks to the novelty of the fitness therapists and trainers, dance has now been beautifully integrated into a workout regime. From Masala Bhangra to Ballet and from Belly Dancing to Desi Jam Cardio, you can have your pick to waltz your way to a healthy lifestyle.


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