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Diversity & Inclusion – A Way of Life at Maersk



Transportation and Logistics Industry have traditionally not been viewed as sectors offering great Career Opportunities for Women. This perception is rapidly changing and Maersk is at the forefront of this movement through its commitment towards Diversity and Inclusion.

A.P. Moller – Maersk is an integrated transport & logistics company and is a global leader in container shipping and ports. The company employs close to 88,000 employees across operations in 130 countries and has interests in Transport and Logistics and Energy. Maersk Global Services Centre (GSC) was established in 1998 to provide end to end offshoring opportunities and solutions to Group entities across Maersk, particularly Maersk Line.

At Maersk, Diversity and Inclusion (in particular) is of immense importance. Having a gender diverse workforce is instrumental in increasing the Organisation’s performance and is a key driver for creating tangible and intangible value.

“Despite the fact that the Group’s industries are traditionally male dominated, we still have a good representation of women in the organisation. And we want to do better and we can do better,” says Rachel Osikoya, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at the Maersk group.

Business success in a rapidly changing world depends on a healthy mix of knowledge, skills, ideas and execution. Ensuring diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity, collective experience and educational backgrounds across levels has been a key focus area at Maersk.The same focus has also driven the development of diversity improvement targets which are set at Group and individual company level which are reported out periodically through the Annual Sustainability Report.

Launched in 2016, Back2Work (B2W) is a Maersk India Group initiative positioned as a career transition programme for women professionals who had taken a break and wish to re-enter the professional space. The programme provides structured opportunities for competent women to have meaningful flexi-hour assignments with various Maersk Group companies in India in line with their Career Aspirations. The Back2Work Program is viewed as a gold standard among contemporary D&I initiatives across India Inc.

Says Radhika Subramanian, Business Controller – MD Finance and Accounting, Maersk Global Service Centres,  “Maersk has provided a wonderful opportunity to women who have taken a sabbatical for personal reasons and are looking to get back to work. Opportunity came knocking at my door in the form of Maersk’s Back2Work program when I was searching for a suitable opportunity after a 2-year maternity break. The flexible work hours, wonderful colleagues, program structure, mentorship initiatives have been built into the program taking into account all the typical fears of a woman who has taken a break, especially on how she will manage both corporate pressures and responsibilities at home. These were perfect cushions that effortlessly helped me transition from a stay-at-home mother to a working woman. I am proud to have been associated with this program that gave me a fair chance to prove my prowess and skills. I have been successfully on boarded as an employee of the Maersk group – without any compromise on my position. It is almost as though I never took a break from my career!

As Pratap G, Global Head of HR for Maersk GSC puts it aptly, “The ultimate objective for Diversity and Inclusion at Maersk is to build an incubating organizational culture where employees can actualize their potential. Maersk is committed to providing such meaningful experiences to its employees through the Back2Work Program and other Capability Building Initiatives aimed at enhancing Inclusion.”


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