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Fat Lama Answers the Demand for Easy Rentals of All Things Essential



You are going on a holiday and wondering if you can have a high-tech drone camera just for the occasion, or you want to throw a home-spun DJ party for friends or plan to have a special screening or presentation for your department, hence hunting for the required equipment. For professionals always on the go while dabbling in some amateur hobbies or stuff for occasional use, UK based company Fat Lama (http://fatlama.com) is the ideal platform to rent almost anything from cameras to clothes.

You can also make quick and easy bucks by lending your rarely used items on Fat Lama portal. Their catalogue keeps on extending as people add to the list a variety of things like projectors, microphone, drumkit, guitar, drones, baby stuff, games, you name it. The convenience that Fat Lama offers to both the lenders and the borrowers is the reason for its escalating popularity. What does it do special? It provides an insurance coverage of items ranging to £25,000 in a situation where the borrower does not return, damages or refuses to pay.

It’s a win-win situation for the renter too. All you need is some caution while handling the stuff you are borrowing. If you are worried about an upfront deposit, rest assured there’s none. You can rent your desired item by your debit card without paying a lumpsum. It goes without saying that the platform is the much sought-after haunt for youngsters looking for camp kits, musical instrument and games. However, as the financial threshold is rather low, the company has a screening system in place and if you qualify that, you are eligible to start using the platform either as a lender or borrower.

According to Chaz Englander, cofounder and CEO of Fat Lama, the portal will allow people to experience a lot of things that they would otherwise not consider. Englander aspires to extend the reach of Fat Lama beyond the UK to users all over the world. Presently the start-up is active only in London but is soon to be launched in San Francisco, and New York.

For busy working professionals, Fat Lama promises relief from the last-minute rush.

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