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For Ami Ramesh, an Equal Workplace is where ‘She Can’


Ami Ramesh has been with Accenture for more than 12 years. She is a certified Technology Architect and her current role involves managing end to end delivery of an Agile team for the client, Client and Stake holder management and hiring people for ramping up the team. A recipient of multiple awards, Ami is passionate about Accenture’s mission of a 50:50 gender equal workforce by 2025 and believes that is the only way to create a company of talented individuals for sustainable growth.

Why do you think that a 50:50 workforce is a business imperative today and what is its relevance for Accenture?

According to me, there are certain traits where women are better while others where men are. So, a 50:50 workforce will be a beautiful amalgamation of the best traits where one can learn from the other to achieve the best outcome which is the ultimate goal for any organization. Whether it is about building a product or service or addressing a client need, diverse perspectives are needed because our customers are diverse. So, it is a clear competitive advantage for any company and Accenture to have that diversity baked into their talent landscape.

 What does equality mean to you?

Equality to me means people showing the confidence in you that you will be able to do what others can do. Equality also means sharing the responsibilities without any gender bias. My mantra for equality is very simple. ”If you can, I can and if I can, you can.” It is about being given equal opportunities to demonstrate your talent and be judged for your outcomes rather than for being a man or a woman. An equal world will be where there will be no prejudice or gender based bias, no assumptions, no playing the woman card.

 When you see the word equality – what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

The first thing that comes to my mind when I see the word equality is “Respect for Individual.” No organization, young or old, can survive without its people. And no organization can go the long haul without the basic qualities of respect and trust for its people imbibed in their DNA.  We have seen and heard big brands go under due to their inability to create a culture where talent feels a sense of belonging to.

How do you think a culture of equality is beneficial to all of us?

At Accenture, we do imbibe the culture of equality in our day to day lives and it surely helps create a positive work environment where people feel motivated and are reassured of their worth. In turn, it helps the firm in bringing out the best in people every day and improves their productivity.

 Can you share some definite benefits of having an organization so focused on equality for everyone?

A 50:50 workforce is a very difficult feat to achieve since we women are always expected to do more at home while managing our work. So, at some point in time, we tend to give up. However, with companies like Accenture, targeting a 50:50 workforce as one of its major goals and creating policies and programs to facilitate the fulfillment of this goal, the scenario is definitely changing. Today, there are so many options offered by Accenture for women who want to continue in technology but have constraints which restrict them from fulfilling their passion. With a mission of 50:50, I see a lot of such talent being retained and nurtured.

 Any one person (at work / personal life) who embodies the culture of equality in your life?

It has to be my spouse Athul, who has always been the biggest support system for me. He never hesitates to share the responsibilities at home and supports me to continue my passion. He is very encouraging and motivating and most importantly, understands what keeps me happy and content.




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