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Get An Interview Call From Your Dream Company by R. Ram Prasad


 “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life” – an adage that still holds good in this current age of new economy enterprises and start-ups that have opened-up a plethora of career opportunities for Millennials and seasoned professionals alike. The book holds a niche and specific objective, helping job seekers to change their mass-reaching-out mindset and work on options available on a social networking platform, to find instant success in their job hunting – Getting Called for an Interview!

It’s a debut book by the author who has spent a good 15 years of mainstream career, spanning across Fortune 500 companies & start-ups alike, notwithstanding a momentary exploration of entrepreneurial stride.

The first two chapters of the book are more to do with setting the stage – for what the author brings in as a sequence of job hunting techniques at the later chapters. The narration starts with some insightful findings, which are backed by extensive research the author has taken up and dip checks derived from wide ranging corporate executives with respect to their current perspectives on Job Hunting/Hiring. The slicing and dicing of the findings would provide food-for-thought for job seekers to understand how the recruitment space actually works, as against how things are depicted on job portals & advertisements.

The subsequent section of the book is an attempt to engage with the reader by dwelling more on the author’s own life experiences of his professional career. The author does some storytelling here, taking the reader through his own journey comprising successes and failures of job transitioning and how that forms the bedrock for the concepts introduced in the later chapters.

Finding the Hiring Manager – From this section onwards marks the action points oriented methodology being prescribed for breaking some myths around traditional (and failed job hunting approaches) and how a change in thought cum action is to be incorporated by a job seeker. The Hiring Manager is the linchpin (or protagonist) of the job search scheme of things and the author uses Pokemon game as a metaphoric attribute of how anyone can be found on the virtual world in general and how LinkedIn, as a fast-emerging powerful platform, is to be taken advantage of. The author discusses about various nuances of LinkedIn, including how to build one’s own profile, in a simple and an illustrative fashion.

Hook Letter –The core part of the book is all about how to Reach a Hiring Manager and create an Impact. Reach and Impact marks the crux of the book, which yields the desired outcome – Get An Interview Call From Your Dream Company. The author goes deep dive into how this tool called Hook Letter is to be designed, by giving several cross-functional examples, to help a job seeker in making the best use of reading the book. As aforementioned, all the examples used in the illustrations are wide ranging in terms of covering various dimensions of experience and job profile, so it is a useful pointer for professionals of all shades.

What more to CVs? – Traditional job seeker approaches are mired with low appeal factor, which puts a job seeker into disadvantage in this over-crowded recruitment space. There are a Million CVs floating in the virtual world and it becomes a blinder for both the seeker and hiring manager to find the sweet spot between talent & job fitment. This is where the author launches several fresh thinking and ideas on how to think beyond CVs and exhibit one’s creativity in a truly appealing fashion. Some of the options discussed in this chapter would break-away from a largely “spray & pray” practice and would add lot of impetus to job hunting in a precise manner.

The author packs more illustrations and scenarios in the Glossary part of the book – taking the reader through well aided approach of building and implementing the techniques being discussed throughout. These illustrations makes for utility of the book in forcing the reader to jump to action immediately after reading the book.

In a nutshell, it is not an inspirational book but one that has definitive action points illustrated with several scenarios& examples that any professional of any vintage can implement and advance his/her career. It’s a very light read do-it-yourself genre that every job seeker must read, and at the same time serves as a refreshing take on the recruitment space even from the Hiring Manager’s end.

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