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Get technology to work for you with these 3 Essential Apps


Call an app by any other name and it will still function sweetly. Well, almost. But, in the labyrinth of the app store and play store, it may not be very sweet after all. There is an app for everything and sometimes too much of a good thing is actually bad.

So, what’s a working professional to do with all those busy schedules? You will need apps that will make your life a lot easier. Since shortlisting the right apps by yourself can often be a daunting task. Here are three apps that will marry your busy schedule perfectly.

Google Now

If anyone knows how to do it, it is Google. This app works as a personal assistant that brings together your calendar, local and global news, sports, etc and keeps everything organised so you don’t have to be. You can customise it according to your needs and this is the way you can stay on top of everything. Never forget a birthday or miss out on any breaking news ever again. Available on the app store and play store, getting your act together has never been this simple.


In the professional world, communication is key and what better way to keep your team in the loop than to use this app. You can call, message, share documents and connect it to other apps like your Google drive, Dropbox, Twitter and Soundcloud, etc. For confidential information you can add just a select few team members to your channel. It gets better, the app is completely free for everyone so get it right now and connect with your core team at work.


You may have the busiest schedule on the planet, but you should always make time for workouts and Skimble will help you get fit with the help of certified trainers from all over the world. From desk exercises to cardio and weight training, Skimble has it all. So, no more excuses because now you can always squeeze in some kind of exercise, anytime and anywhere. Though available on both android and iOS, you do have to pay to unlock the basic and the pro workouts. But, for a small investment, you will definitely reap the benefits. Also, it beats paying a huge amount for those gym memberships.

Amazing, isn’t it? These apps can do so much. So, now you have no place to hide whilst being slammed with deadlines in your busy schedule. Your world has just become easier!


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