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GIT (Girls In Tech) Is Founder Adriana Gascoigne’s Way Of Reclaiming What Women Deserve



“It’s more than just hiring more women or just throwing money at a diversity and inclusion executive. It’s building a culture that is inviting and creates a comfortable environment for women to thrive”. Adriana Gascoigne tells Forbe’s Samar Marwan.

Gascoigne founded Girls in Tech to bridge the gap for women in the tech space as well as to equip them with skills, resources, mentors and network to find a strong foothold at work. It is a platform that provides an array of opportunities to learn the ropes and be job ready. From tech bootcamps that are practical workshops in the areas of entrepreneurship, coding and design, professional skills etc. to the hackathons where women across professional demography collaborate on software apps, GIT enables and empowers women.

Their start-up competition AMPLIFY helps entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, and designers to explore the latest trends in innovation, technology, while projecting the talented female tech entrepreneurs from the region. GIT also offers tech education via e-learning through their Global Classroom, hosts tech exchange programs and provides tech mentorship programs for influential women in technology and entrepreneurship.

Adriana’s vision was to work from the ground upwards where women, be it young newbies looking for a start, or experienced professionals wanting to enhance their skills, would have a great learning experience in an unbiased and positive environment. Adriana is also keen to add purpose to GIT’s ventures from being solely professional to something that would have a social impact, especially for women. As she says,  “GIT’s ‘Hacking for Humanity’ is a 25-city global Hackathon tour which unites women to create social innovation apps in healthcare, education, environment, safety and communication.” “This empowers women to harness their technical side as well as their nurturing side because women want to pay it forward and help solve social problems that are both domestic and global.” She adds.

Adriana’s GIT also welcomes men to play the role of changemakers. “We invite men to be fully involved. Men are managing directors of some of the GIT chapters, they’re mentors, judges at our business pitch competition, they lead the lightning talks at our hackathons,”

Through GIT, Adriana is ensuring to build and widen a network of forward thinking women and men who will change the gender dynamics and make the ground equal for all.  

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