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Here’s Why Women Are Ideal for Social Media Marketing!



A Pew Study report reveals that women are more active than men on most social media sites:

Facebook – 83% women to 75% of men

Pinterest – 45% women to 17% men

Instagram – 38% of women to 26% of men

Twitter – 25% of women to 24% of men

Well, it’s part of the women’s intellectual wiring that goads them to be more communicative and interactive, be it in real life or on virtual networking zones. This is one of the reasons that makes women ideal for the role of social media marketers. But there’s more: –

She knows the how’s

Social media marketing is much more than posting a pretty picture of the product/service or launching a spectacular campaign, unless someone constantly stokes up the conversation or the dialogue. Women are naturally pro at keeping the discourse alive by their inherent enthusiasm, understanding, and wit. It’s time that organisations take note of the power of women on social media.

For women, of women, by women

Women handle finances like never before, and they are in the thick of the latest news across industries, from sports to cars, fashion to films. They make for an amazing mouthpiece for a brand or company that they believe in or are loyal to. Most social media trends are sparked by women enthusiasts and most women entrepreneurs, today, start on the social media platforms. It is their overall understanding of a product’s utility, value for money and long-term benefits that make women natural in the art of reviewing, recommending and persuading. Hence, the ideal leads are women and women marketers can be the best choice to tap into this pool.

Emotion or aesthetics, women get it right

People today are relying on social media while making purchasing decisions. Why? They want to check out the peer reviews which are not really word to word evaluation but more about how a certain product helped or did not. As women are more vocal about their emotions, women marketers can play the part in leveraging the emotional association with a brand, establishing the connect by being empathetic and securing better conversions. They are equally competent in creating ads with meaningful content that will appeal by their aestheticism and relevance.

No wonder, with their spontaneity, creativity and lateral thinking, women make for great social media marketers!

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