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How Alex Depledge Founded Startups Hassle & BuildPath While Holding Her Own


Alex Depledge

Everyone thought that she would step down as CEO on becoming a mother, but not Alex Depledge who stuck to her guns that women can, in fact, have it all and used those nine months to really build her company. The British entrepreneur took up History at the University of Nottingham in 1999 and later International Relations at the University of Chicago in 2004. She began her career working in the US on the campaign team of a prominent US politician. She then returned to the UK to establish her career at some of the biggest organisations like Sharing Economy, Ignite100 & more. But, according to her, her biggest achievement in her professional career will always be scoring an A in her PhD in Advanced Statistics.

In 2012, she launched with co-founders Jules Coleman & Tom Nimmo. was a sort of a business matchmaking site that connected cleaners to their customers. The business became so popular that in 2013, there were 70 full-time employees and they also expanded in Europe, not to mention Ireland too. In 2014, TechCity Insider named her Entrepreneur of the Year.

Always the champion of work-life balance, in 2015, she went to work on a usual Friday while pregnant and gave birth to her daughter Harper-Belle on Saturday. Even after the birth of her daughter, she barely took a maternity leave. In 2016, was acquired by a German rival company for £24 million. Later in the year, she started another company with her friend and co-founder Jules Coleman called BuildPath, which helps reinvent home extensions. In 2017, BuildPath on an average got a customer each day and they are almost at the point of breaking even. So, with the advent of two successful startups in her life, looks like Alex Depledge is definitely one to watch.

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