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How Did This Woman Make Trees Grow from Pens With Pure Living


Think about how many pens you may have used until now and what about those lying around useless in drawers and stands all over the home. What if they could miraculously grow a tree if you stick them in some soil? Well, Lakshmi Menon did this by creating recyclable pens with seeds at its base so you can plant it after use. Ingenious, is it not?

Paper pens made from leftover paper from printing companies

Growing up in small-town Ernakulam in Kerala, Lakshmi Menon always had a passion for design which allowed her to design Pure Living’s bespoke pens that are great for the environment in every way. All pens are made from leftover upcycled paper from printing companies that can, in turn, be recycled again and has seeds stored in its base. Once done with its use, people can plant them in the ground to grow trees. The pens cost about 12 rupees and are all handmade. Wondering about the plastic refills? Each refill is made from metal and can be recycled to make the entire pen completely eco-friendly. In 2016, as part of a Times of India’s green campaign, they distributed their pens to over 500 students spread awareness about plastic and its implications on the environment.

Has also started a wick-making initiative for senior citizens

A former jewelry designer, she was extremely popular at New York Fashion Week designing pieces for the runway and was inspired when she began working on a project in SanFransico; teaching children to make crafts from recycled paper. “It was during this workshop with children, that I had the idea of embedding seeds in the paper pens to make them a perfect eco-friendly solution to the menace of disposable plastic pens. That is when I decided to start PURE Living.” She has also started Wicksdom, a sister initiative of Pure Living, where she assists impoverished senior citizens in making lamp wicks for sale.

Providing a sustainable livelihood with dignity, she has expanded the organization’s circle of influence and plans to bring such earth-friendly items to the mainstream.

Image credit: YouTube, Bharatmoms

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