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How Gabriela Hersham’s Huckletree is Influencing London’s Tech Ecosystem


Growing up very shy and wanting to be with the cool crowd in high school, little did she know how much things would change as an adult. Today, once shy girl Gabriela Hersham is a trailblazing co-founder and CEO of Huckletree, which has emerged as a big influencer in London’s technology ecosystem.

Worked until the day before she gave birth

With a desire to cater to London’s rising entrepreneurs, she co-founded Huckletree which has three spaces in the city and boasts a community of more than 2000 members. As CEO, her main focus is to bring in the best in the business to join her team while also serving on various advisory boards of upcoming startups. She is very proud of her 40-member team and considers them her extended family, as company culture and atmosphere is very important to her. However, her road to success was challenging as she was also 7 months pregnant while fundraising for the company. Though both she and her male co-founder were going to become parents for the first time, she was often sidelined during such a significant time for the company, being visibly pregnant. Though they did secure funding, she does wish investors would have treated her equally.

Inspired by the work ethic her parents instilled

Describing the secret to the success of Huckletree in valuing team members and their happiness, the result has been friendly with an engaging atmosphere for people to grow in the company. Growing up with her parents as role models seeing their dedication, she recalls coming late from nightclubs to see her dad’s office light on until late hours. Also, she saw that her parents always put their children and their values first, even in the face of difficult situations in the family including financial problems. Always making sure to translate the same philosophy and work ethic of her parents to her work, she does admit that she feels guilty when she comes home to find her son asleep. Though she understands that she is creating a great environment for her son, she advises against women feeding such parental guilt at home.

Recently being featured as a TedXMorganStanley speaker in London, she says, “Nothing else really matters. It’s about encouraging independence, creativity and not being afraid to be yourself, whatever that may mean.”

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