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How PartyWith App Can Be The Best Option To Beat Away Loneliness, Especially When Abroad!



“The idea for Party with a Local came from my own experiences of traveling and finding that a night out anywhere is better with a local, but it’s not always easy to meet locals” says Party With a Local founder Dan Fennessy. With more and more people indulging in travel to explore distant lands, and with a growing number of lone travellers, Party With a Local just seems to be the right place to immerse in authentic cultural experience as well as make new friends.

However, PartyWith is not a dating app and Fennessy is very clear about the goal of PWAL. “We are actively not a dating app and we take “Creep Watch” (against sexist, racist, aggressive or dodgy behaviour) seriously to ensure Party with a Local is a fun & safe place for everyone.” Fennessy assures. This is where PWAL is distinct from the likes of Tinder. In fact, PWAL started out as a travel app “focusing on connecting travelers with locals,” but as Fennessy shares, the app has now become a tool to connect with likeminded people or getting your gang for a sudden party at home or hanging out with locals while travelling.

But there’s much more that PartyWith dishes out than being a friend finding app. It practically tells you about all the events happening in a place of your choice, especially highlighting on the nightlife. Interestingly, as reported by Techcrunch, PWAL is not yet directly working with event managers, though they have teamed up with Budweiser, TimeOut, and Thrillist, among other alcohol brands to promote sponsored events. So, most of the events that you find on your app are being uploaded by users.

Here’s how the app looks like. Once you install it, you get to choose from an array of themes for parties, events, music etc. You go ahead and make your profile and start browsing the events that you’d like to haunt. Plus, the app also throws up options like “Let’s go clubbing,” “Let’s go out as a group,” “What’s good tonight?”, “I need nightlife tips,”

With an escalating number of users, Fennessy has a lot in store for PartyWith that would appeal to people of all age for any occasion, be it college reunion or a family get together!

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