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How Tiffany Masterson Is Making People Swoon Over Her Drunk Elephant



She has always been over sensitive about skin-care products as she herself has skin related issues. Over time this stay at home mother got more and more interested about what went into the products and what not. She started doing in depth research, partly goaded by her own necessity and partly to help other women who would often come to her for advice. Tiffany Masterson took two long years to study and develop her own non-toxic skin care product line Drunk Elephant.

“I started to look at the other products I was using and think about what I would do differently if I created it myself” was her starting point. She wanted to create something that would be effective and of high quality. Her journey from conceiving the idea to the fruition of her project speaks of immense tenacity, loads of hard work and patience. No wonder, she says, “I spent months and months and months researching. I would take a typical vitamin C serum and I would create charts, detailing the role of each ingredient in the serum.”

From her own experience of being in the shoes of the consumer, she sure didn’t want anything fancy or superficially attractive. Hence, her products are sans embellishments like fragrance and rather stand out by their raw purity. But in a market inundated with aromatic items her odourless products faced stiff challenge to be accepted. She was turned down by many. Also, one of the reasons was the name of her brand ‘Drunk Elephant’.

There’s a funny story about why she zeroed in on the name. One of her first products was a hydrating marula oil, which when consumed by elephants made them tipsy. Masterson recalls, “I googled it and found videos of elephants appearing to get tipsy from marula fruit. I felt it was memorable and that people would want to know—they would ask about it, and it would create enough curiosity that it might just work to my benefit. It was a risk, but I think it ended up paying off.” She indeed had a tough time and all because of the unique brand name. But as they say ‘what’s in a name’ proved to be right again.

Her hard work paid off and success followed. In all of this, Masterson stuck to her brand name for sure. Today, Drunk Elephant is one of the most loved skincare brands at Sephora.

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