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How to Actually Read More This Year Without Being Unrealistic


It’s a no-brainer that reading is the secret to keeping your mind on its toes, and those who read on a regular basis are surely on the road to success. But on the flipside, reading also begs a certain amount of commitment.

You may have started the year strongly charged with getting into reading and may not even have put a dent in your reading list. First things first, stop feeling guilty if you’ve quit, and follow these tips instead.Read More This Year

  1. Don’t Share Your Plans With Anyone

Studies show that if you’re quick to share your goals and plans with people or on social media, it is most likely to not get fulfilled. When you make a commitment to read only to yourself, you are more likely to actually do it. Maybe try keeping putting it down on paper in your diary.

  1. Cut Off Distractions

Easier said than done, but technology is the biggest enemy of reading books in this day and age. Whether it’s television, smartphones or tablets, try to banish them from your reading time for a little while. If you can see your gadgets, it’s easier to fall into temptation, so keep them out of reach.

  1. Make the Most of the Smallest Free Time

Best-selling author, Stephen King credits his success to reading up to 5 hours a day and we all know that’s impossible for the rest of us. Always carry a book with you so you can catch up on some reading during lunch and tea break or even on your daily commute. There’s always pockets of time here and there.

  1. Read Books With Real Paper

Yes, no e-books and kindles. Why? Since it’s an Internet-based device, you might be tempted (again) to do some mindless surfing rather than keeping your head in that book.

  1. Find a Curated List That You Love

With countless books out there, it’s easy to give up because you just can’t decide where to start. How about surfing the internet to find a great reading list that caters to your favourite genre and interest. You can’t go wrong over there.

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