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How to Reduce Your Plastic Use With These 7 Earth-friendly Tips


Maharashtra, India is the biggest generator of plastic waste in the country, around 4.6 lakh tonnes, and ever since the ban on plastic in the state, there is no better time than this to start doing something about your plastic use in the home and when you go out.

Reduce plastic tips

  1. Carry your own shopping bag

Weighing less than your smartphone, carrying a cloth bag also barely takes up much space in your bag. So, grabbing groceries on your way home can become hassle-free and you never have to worry about paying extra for a bag. Why not put a cloth bag in every handbag so that you are never left without one.

  1. Bring your own refillable water bottle

It doesn’t have to be very big, but even a small 250ml bottle can be refilled just about anywhere and you can even get them in practically any colour and style to suit your personality.

  1. Always refuse straws

It may be a very small item of plastic, but it is not at all biodegradable and almost always ends up in landfills.

  1. Say no to microbeads in facial and body scrubs

An unlikely place to find plastic, but most commercial scrubs still contains microbeads made of plastic which end up in the seas and oceans; sea creatures eat them. Though completely banned in the UK and other countries, either choose organic scrubs or go the DIY route.

  1. Replace your plastic containers with steel or glass

Though it may be tough to eliminate plastic completely, try to introduce glass wherever you can, like steel bottles and containers and glass spice jars and crockery at home.

  1. Embrace reusing and recycling your plastic

For the plastic you just can’t avoid like packaging, try your best to reuse and recycle them by getting creative. Pinterest is a great place to find ideas to upcycle plastic items.

  1. Buy freshly-made bakery products that come in paper or cardboard packaging

Whether it’s bread, buns or biscuits, try buying them from your local bakery rather than the grocery store. They’ll probably come wrapped in paper which you can recycle rather than plastic packaging.

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