Intel Veteran Debjani Ghosh is the 1st Woman to Lead NASSCOM after 30 years | woman at work

Intel Veteran Debjani Ghosh is the 1st Woman to Lead NASSCOM after 30 years


People are shocked to know that she grew up around 12 older brothers, climbing trees and jumping over walls and was never ever stopped from doing anything that the boys did. Today, Debjani Ghosh is famous for her status as an Intel Corp veteran, an angel investor and more recently chosen as the president of NASSCOM; she has become the first woman to head it after a long 3 decades.

Leakages are the challenge and she wants to focus on how to fix that

This announcement has shown that the Indian corporate leadership is slowly waking up to having women leaders in powerful positions and gender diversity in their offices. She said, “Things have to change. We have to check talented, capable women dropping out. Leakages are the challenge and I want to focus on how to fix that. The pipeline is clearly not the problem since engineering colleges have seen gender parity in enrollments for years” Making a promise to also stand up for women in a male-dominated sector, she will work towards levelling the playing field. In 2017, NASSCOM conducted a study in 55 companies, which showed that both Indian men and women start their career around the same age, however, women are susceptible to a poor growth; oftentimes, men in senior positions are much younger than the women at the same level.

Was one among 12 older brothers, growing up without bias

Ghosh’s new title surely calls for a celebration for women in leadership and much credit goes to her equal upbringing as a child. Her father always believed that she could do anything, but it was her decision to do what she wanted. Never having being put in a boarding school, she instead accompanied her father and got the privilege of living in different cities and countries. She studied in 7 schools and experienced cross-culture since a young age. Though she was the youngest in her family, she wasn’t treated any different and was in fact cherished by the rest of them. This she says, gave her the confidence to compete in the competitive corporate world that is definitely not female-friendly.

Therefore, she is passionate about helping women become more confident, crushing centuries-old gender stereotypes and also helping women to climb up the corporate ladder.

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