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Jordan Hewson’s Speakable Lets the Causes Speak for themselves


She founded the company Speakable with the purpose to establish a smooth channel between NGOs and volunteers. Herself having worked in the social enterprise space along with her three-year stint as a campaigner for Global Citizen, Jordan Hewson realised where the gap was. Even though millennials would love to take action and see the change, they cannot do so easily because of the hassles of a complicated system.

Hewson believed that a simple and easy route would enable enthusiasts to transform their wishes into action, which would be a great boost to any cause. With grave problems afflicting our society, it becomes imperative that the youth proactively participate in driving the change. And with the new age cohort of prospective change makers also being digital natives, it is only natural that a digital solution will make it easier for them. As Hewson opines, “Millennials especially are demanding more from digital content…They don’t just want to read headlines, they want to change headlines.”

Hewson really kept her word of a simplified option, for Speakable offers an Action Button that does all the work in minutes. It connects publishers to NGOs and nonprofits like Amnesty International and Planned Parenthood. The magic button which was in beta testing with Huffington Post is going all active for articles on Huffington Post, Vice and Guardian to allow you to directly connect with the causes you are interested in or want to contribute to. The button will appear at the bottom of the article and on pressing it, you’ll be taken to a designated NGO dealing with that particular issue like education for girls. Undoubtedly, Action Button no more allows excuses to ignore a crisis and brings social enterprising within the reach of all.

So far, there has been nothing like this before. Action Button is a first of its kind and as Hewson points out “You’ve never been able to take action on news before”. We cannot but accept that it’s an incredible innovation that will cut down the redundancies around charity and actually get the work done.  

And this is what Hewson is hoping to achieve, “ if we can make it faster and easier for people to take action, they’re much more likely to do it. If it can be part of your daily online behavior, it can be as easy as ordering an Uber or buying a dress.” Point noted!

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