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Rebecca Kantar’s Imbellus Might Upend The Old School Education System


We’d all agree that what we study in school and what we need to learn to apply in real life are two completely different worlds. As much as we’d like to close the gap, we’d also welcome a change in the evaluation system of students done through standardized tests. Though one may argue in favour of such tests, many have found the standardised testing system failing to be the ideal solution in helping students find their dream career or allowing institutions/organisations determine the right candidates.

“What I was more interested in was could I apply concepts that stem from understanding a domain to real-world situations? And what I found during my time at school was that there were fewer environments to bring something to life in a project-based way.” The thought drove Rebecca Kantar to look for a solution where learning can be truly leveraged in real life situations. Having experienced the fallacy as a student, Kantar wanted to initiate a change in the old school approach to the assessment system and launched Imbellus as an alternative to standardised tests like SAT.

Kantar dropped out of Harvard after two years of being there as she felt that it was not doing her any good in enhancing her unique needs as a learner. “I just felt like a lot of the same brain development was happening to me throughout my classes,”. She says. She too has fed on a heavy dose of information and data in her academic career and believes that what standardised tests do is to assess one’s level of knowledge acquisition but does not gauge one’s understanding of the concepts. Hence, the gap between a student’s potential in a certain field and the demands of the industry is never bridged.

Through her innovative solution, Imbellus, Kantar aims to design tests that would successfully analyse and find out the perfect matches between candidates and the subject/work domain. She’s trying to build a system that would do away with the dependency on rote learning and memorisation and assess how one’s brain works and how one uses knowledge in real life.  “Our hope is to measure how people think instead of what people know,” Kantar said.

Given the bright prospects that Imbellus promises to next-generation education, Kantar has already raised $4 million from leading investors like Upfront Ventures and Thrive Capital.

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