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Ritu Narayan’s Zum Creates the Uber Experience For Kids, But With A Difference!



I was raised in India by working parents. My mother quit teaching math to raise her four children. Years later as a graduate student at Stanford I found myself faced with the same challenge that my mother had faced – how can I follow my own passion while making sure my two kids have trustworthy and reliable people to take them to school, activities, and provide care for them?” This was what motivated Ritu Narayan to start Zum, a Uber like service for kids. Ever since its launch in early 2016, Zum is fast becoming a go-to place for parents in the Orange County of San Francisco Bay Area.

Being a parent herself and thoroughly understanding what parents expect from child care service providers helped Narayan focus on building a high quality system where trust issue will not be a question. She says, “At Zūm trust and safety is at the heart of our operations. All providers go through rigorous FBI grade background checks, fingerprinting, and go through regular vehicle inspections.” Besides, they also have a unique password system for every ride to ensure the child gets into the right Zum vehicle by the right driver. But the best feature of the service is that families are allocated specific drivers, as Narayan mentions, “we create a small pool of drivers for each family. This allows for familiarity, consistency, and comfort for the families, riders and the drivers.”

As reported by Techcrunch, Zum’s impressive performance has not gone unnoticed by prominent investors as it secured a $5.5 million series A round led by Sequoia Capital. Sequoia’s Bryan Shcreier calls Zum “a one-stop-shop for busy families” and praises the firm’s strategy founded on meaningful purpose. “They’ve done an especially good job working with schools, in addition to parents.” He said. Zum has partnered with around 800 schools in the San Francisco Bay area and Orange county to offer a better alternative to school bus.

One of the most important aspects that sets Zum apart from the others in this line of business is that the service is not only a carrier to get children from one place to another. Narayan ensures that they hire only experienced professionals like nannies, nurses and teachers to extend proper care to the children.

With a dependable system in place, Narayan hopes that no women have to compromise on their career anymore!

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