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Short-Term Rental Start-Ups Enhance the Airbnb and Similar Experiences



Airbnb began an era of a novel travel experience, disrupting traditional hotel stays and providing people a unique channel of income. Though Airbnb has grown to be one of the leaders in the travel industry, it catalysed new types of businesses on the line of property management that would enhance the Airbnb or similar experience for both the hosts and the guests. Here’s some great models that one can be a part of. Your job ends simply by pitching your house on the platform while the logistical side is taken care of by the company.


Vacayo will be your tenant which means you’ll not be renting out your property directly to guests from time to time like the Airbnb model. They’ll pay you an upfront rent and lease your property to tenants on a short-term stay. Vacayo promises that they choose ‘high-quality tenants’, using ‘advanced screening techs’. Once you hand over your property, Vacayo takes care of all logistical issues from cleaning to marketing, management to insurance. The platform has features like interior design, professional listing and calendar optimizing that practically revamp your house and make it market-ready.


This is a tech solution that can help individuals who are tying up with property management firms as well as short rental businesses. Guesty offers cloud based platform to “centralize and automate your daily activities, such as communication with guests and staff, reservations management and handling calendars from multiple booking sites simultaneously”. The Guesty dashboard provides you your one-stop station for all significant data pertaining to guests, reservations, listings and staff etc. and is designed to offer you maximum convenience with its ‘searchable, reportable, shareable, intuitive’ features.


The business model taps into the best of both the worlds, namely the short rental structure married to the functionality of hotels. Wanderjaunt rents property for a short duration in keeping with the flavour of the short rentals, but offers every other facility that you might find in a hotel. Their list of amenities includes from Cookware/Dinnerware, Cable TV with Chromecast, to Complimentary Soap & Shampoos, from High Quality 100% Cotton Towels to Coffee maker and much more.

It will be interesting to watch whether the growing industry will eventually make traditional hotels a thing of the past.


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