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Solar Chargers That Can Breathe Life Into Your Phone When The Power Outlet’s Not Around



Imagine being on a road trip and discovering that your phone is dead! A dead phone is a nightmarish thing to happen, for our entire life-system depends on it, especially when we are commuting. From Google Maps to reaching out to family anytime are just so important to travel confidently. Though there are a number of portable battery chargers in the market that answer our demand for external charging device, why not go eco-friendly and use the greatest charger of all? The solar power!

First thing first. If you are wondering how about in a cloudy day, rest assured, the chargers do not require sunlight but the UV rays. So, they’ll juice up even when the sky is overcast. Hence, unlike other USB devices that need a power point, your solar chargers are ideal for trekking, camping and in all your trips. There’s a gamut of solar chargers, from ultra-portable pocket size to big ones depending on the kinds of battery you need to charge. Buy one that suits your device. For example, an iPhone charges much faster than Samsung Galaxy, so if you own the latter you must get a solar charger that is energised with a higher watt-hour yield. Here’s 3 from the list of the best ones.

Travel Solar charger – you have both the options for this one. It’s better to charge via USB and store the solar for emergency. The two USB ports enable you to charge it simultaneously. It takes around 5 hours to charge via USB mains and 25 hours when on solar charging. Once fully loaded the device can juice up 3 smartphones.

Freeloader Supercharger – the device is of the size of an i-pad and water resistant. Designed for impact, it’s the perfect gadget to pack in for outdoor camps. Besides an LCD battery monitor, it’s compatible with all devices via USB. What more, it allows for instant charging.

Voltaic 6W Charger – Ideal for hiking, this lightweight gadget can be clipped to your backpack for it to soak the sun. The size of a magazine, it’s designed keeping travel convenience in mind. You get a zip-up compartment for your on-charge devices, along with V15 USB battery and micro-USB cable.

Enjoy the power of the sun!

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