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Susannah Vila Built Flip Inspired by Her Own Apartment Leasing Struggles



Susannah Vila

Living in the heart of any metropolitan city can be an expensive affair and New York is no different. Susannah experienced this first hand as a student studying at NYU.

Born to a father who was a home-improvement TV host, she belonged to a family that moved around a lot, all over America. Getting to know the difficulties of finding a house on lease while doing her Bachelor’s at Gallatin School of Individualized Study, NYU, she felt helpless so often. With young people, a nomadic lifestyle is inevitable and she found herself moving to different places every couple of months. In 2009, she did an MA in Political Science from Columbia and co-founded The Engine Room in 2011, a non-profit organisation which aimed to use technology to further social change.

In 2013, she got her MBA from Columbia Business School and realised that over the years, she had lived in 15 different apartments all over New York City and had found it tough to sublet her apartment or even allow someone else to take over the lease, thereby saving money. With such a void in the real-estate industry, she co-founded Flip and became its CEO in 2015. A company of a different sort, Flip helps users sublet or break their lease at various New York City apartments. Becoming a hit with New Yorkers, the company boomed and raised an angel investment of $1.2 million in 2016. In the same year, their users earned $50k at Flip in February. In 2017, she again helped raise $2.2 million in investments.

Currently, Flip is undergoing beta testing in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles & Boston and soon plans to be available in every major American city.

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