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Take a Break, Ladies: Enjoy these Yoga Retreats!



Picturesque locales, sprawling greens, fresh air, are what we need to unwind and rejuvenate ourselves. And when a bunch of ladies bond over yoga in the bounties of nature, it’s worth an experience. To heal your spirit, soothe your nerves and enjoy calm of mind, a number of retreats are offering women exclusive holistic well-being programs. Take a look.

7 Day ‘The Feminine Way’ – Tantric Yoga Therapy for Women, Bali

A perfect place to unplug and immerse in the tranquillity of nature, this exotic retreat will rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. The retreat offers wonderfully designed yoga classes and therapeutic experience. Each session begins with a discussion on a specific topic related to women’s health. It is then followed by yoga practice. You’ll also be part of women’s circles that tend to inculcate a feeling of deep bonding with others and rejoicing in the spirit of womanhood. The belly dancing sessions are aimed to invoke the sensual and the wild in you, letting you be creative and free from body consciousness.

7 Day Costa Rica Surf & Yoga Adventure Women Retreat

If you are a water bird, the beach retreat is your ideal stress-busting zone. You’ll wake up to the sound of the sea, go for surfing in the warm ocean, and energise your senses with yoga. The retreat on the beaches of Costa Rica offers an enriching and fun-filled experience. From socialising over organic gourmet cuisines to taking leisurely walks on the long beaches, from sweating it out at the exclusive designer studios to awakening your senses with Nancy Goodfellow’s yoga sessions, there’s a burst of activities waiting for participants to indulge in. Evenings are all about exploring your freedom, be it in taking dance lessons or enjoying the bonfire.

7 Day “Yoga in An Irish Castle” Women’s Retreat, Ireland

Yoga in an Irish castle sounds intriguing, novel and fun. Ireland is a country that delights with its pristine natural beauty, quietude and tranquillity along with its rich traditions and historical aura. This exclusive retreat for women is an initiative to offer women a tranquil, peaceful inner journey that would heal and revive one from within. The experience is all about uniting with oneself in an idyllic environment and pursuing yogic practices to rebuild one’s strength, positivity and determination.

Enjoy the yoga way of life!

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