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The Future is Closet-free With Rent the Runway’s Unlimited Borrowing


Imagine never having to worry about repeating your clothes, not being on trend, while not making a dent in your bank account. With the new philosophy of “sharing economy”, Rent the Runway’s subscription of having an unlimited number of borrowed clothes, is the new future of fashion.

RTR reflects Hyman’s background as a fashion editor

Co-founder Jennifer Hyman has taken secondhand clothes to a new level by promoting the fact that people shouldn’t own clothes, “I think your closet is going to be as obsolete as a landline phone one day.” Everyone has grown up sharing their sister’s and cousins’ closet, so why should renting clothes be any different. With top designers like Stella McCartney endorsing secondhand clothes through the e-commerce site, The RealReal and designer brand Ace & Jig organising swap-meets to trade pieces that customers aren’t wearing,  the focus is on sustainable fashion. With the popular RTR Unlimited plan of $159 per month, you can rent an unlimited amount of pieces from a great and wide selection; note that Hyman is a former fashion editor. However, people’s biggest concern is staining of clothes and damage done; fear not, all these are covered by insurance and dry cleaning which is all inclusive of the price.

Predicting that women’s closets will soon be obsolete

Moreover, Rent the Runway is also becoming hugely popular with working professionals who need to show up in business formals while also never repeating their outfits. Owning a large number of clothes that you’ll wear just once is a ridiculous idea, but renting clothes is not only economical but also sustainable while enabling others to also participate in the joy of great style. Hyman also adds, “Our stores have turned into extensions of our customers’ own closets,” while also calling the service “a closet in the cloud.” When asked what will happen to women’s closets in the future due to the RTR phenomenon, she says that “the concept behind the commercial is the idea that the closet is changing, and we’re rethinking this place in our home. We at Rent the Runway don’t think it’s going to exist in the future.”

Currently also having released a budget version of the plan for $89, they are now catering to a wider range of customers and adding to their current customer base of 8 million people, bringing comfort and confidence to every subscriber.

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