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The Oyehelp App Brings Medical Help On Your Device!



There are times when we don’t feel quite well but going to the doctor seems a tedious affair, yet a quick consultation might seem to relieve us from the nagging symptoms. Especially with working women, managing all the fronts and taking time to visit a doctor often gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. The Oyehelp app provides us with a platform to connect to a doctor for an online consultation. Thanks to the three ladies for their thoughtful enterprise of bringing medical help at our finger tips.

Oyehelp a.k.a “Own Your Expertise” is the brainchild of Meena Kapoor who “wanted make a difference through digital health care” and for her “the how and why came later”. Determined as she was to launch something that will raise the benchmark of the already existing online platforms in the likes of Practo, she was joined by co-founders Seema Avasarala and daughter Akanksha Kapoor on her mission.

The M-clinic app caters to doctors, hospitals and clinics by offering them a readymade personalised tool to get their e-clinic rolling. What makes Oyehelp climb the chart of popularity ever since its inception is its unique feature of connecting doctors and patients across the geography. The patients need to register on the platform, activate the wallet and seek an appointment. If the respective doctor accepts the appointment on the due date, one needs to log on at the scheduled time and either through chat or call talk with the doctor. You can also share reports or on an emergency seek help from any doctor who’s available online.

For the three ladies, though getting the technology in place that makes the convenience work was the greatest challenge, they were sure to get there. Meena Kapoor says, “I asked every stupid question in the book, because that is the only way to learn”. Technology is the lifeline of Oyehelp and the ladies wanted to materialise what sounded futuristic a couple of years ago, as Seema Avasarala points out, “OyeHelp is the culmination of the type of thinking where we use technology to be the genesis of change, a change that is simple, and yet meaningful in the long run”.

With vision, passion and determination, the ladies have ushered a new era of medicare.

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