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The Spiritual Healer: Dr. Madhu Kotiya



She holds a doctorate with a PhD in alternative medicines as well as a degree in IT engineering. Dr. Madhu Kotiya’s sole purpose is to transform lives by guiding people towards a better and harmonious living. She uses her in-depth psychic knowledge to heal one from within and enable them to attain spiritual health.

Besides being an ace Tarot card reader, Dr. Kotiya is also a practitioner of energy healing services like Pranic Healing, Reiki, Angelic Healings, Crystal Healings, Candle Flame Healing, and Ancient Craft Healings that according to her treat patients at the aural level. She believes that once energy body is treated, physical body also starts to heal and respond. Her philosophy of well-being is not restricted to humans alone. She offers treatment for pets and animals through Akashic healing.

This Vastu expert is also a relationship counsellor and helped many young couples achieve stability in their relationship. Her intervention has cured many from depressions, addictions, fears & phobias, emotional traumas, concentration issues and relationship problems.

Her passion towards her work and the sheer conviction of making a difference in the lives of people have propelled her towards her many initiatives. She not only learnt the various associated branches of spiritual and emotional healing but established her very own institute. Dr. Kotiya delved into the art of Tarot card reading way back in 1998 and in 2002 she founded MShezaim Institute of Tarot and Divination to promote the study of Tarot and Divination.

She has launched her own network “Shezaim Delhi Tarot Network” with the aim to connect all tarot seekers and experts in Delhi as well as create awareness about Tarot and its dimensions in one’s life. She not only organises discussions and meetings but her network also offers an extensive library only to its members to help them learn more deeply about Tarot.

Dr. Kotiya has dabbled her hand in the craft of script writing for many Numerology and Vaastu based program shows on different satellite channels like Aastha, Sanskar, DD Metro, Zee, etc.

The lady has set forth on a road less travelled because she wanted to spread happiness, establish balance and restore peace in people’s life. Her passion and commitment towards her profession are undoubtedly her distinguishing trademarks.

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