The Sultry Gloria Delgado-Pritchett Of 'Modern Family’ Makes Panty Meet Purpose | woman at work

The Sultry Gloria Delgado-Pritchett Of ‘Modern Family’ Makes Panty Meet Purpose



“I had to work for 20 years to get where I am today. Now it is my turn to be able to enable other women through business, and every time you strut in these perfectly seamless undies, you do too!” said Sofia Vergara about what her start-up EBY, a tech enabled panty subscription service, is striving to achieve.

Sofia Vergara is a renowned name in the world of TV and films. From being thrice Emmy nominated for her role as the attractive and self-possessed Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in the 2009 sitcom ‘Modern Family’ to her rise to fame as a distinguished TV host, Vergara had a notable career trajectory. The spirited beauty from Columbia, also a cancer survivor, has now embarked on an innovative entrepreneurial pursuit. She, along with her business partner Renata Black, has launched EBY, a unique for-profit enterprise that is founded on a solid mission.

The modus operandi of EBY is that it would offer monthly, bimonthly or quarterly subscribed services to the subscribers. 10% of the net sales will go to the Seven Bar Foundation that promotes women empowerment by microfinancing underprivileged women to start their businesses. The main focus for Vergara and Black was not to donate alms but power up women through financial resources so that they can take on the world on their own.

Though EBY was Black’s brainchild, it was the relevance of the product for the target audience and the greater purpose behind it that made Vergara jump onboard. In her conversation with Forbe, Vergara clarifies what makes their brand different, “We are creating a community of women that view underwear as a way to empower women versus the traditional view of underwear as being seductive”. Hence, the products too are designed and developed keeping in mind real women. “We are not in the business of having 50 different prints every month or chasing trends.  We have six proven cuts that come in classic colors and specialty prints each month.  Our brand is about strength and empowerment, so we like bold, sharp, strong colors and prints that are inspired by the countries we impact with our microfinance programs.” Vergara adds.

Vergara’s agenda is simple, “We are a business that fuels business and a platform for women to empower women”

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