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The Versatile Nayani Jensen Wears The Prestigious Mantle Of The Rhodes Scholar



The young lady is currently working on the project of making a man-powered vegetation shredder which will be used in urban gardens to make the process of composting more efficient. This Canadian student of mechanical engineering is among the eleven students from across the country and among the elect ninety-five students from across the globe to become a Rhodes Scholar and win the opportunity to study post-graduation at the University of Oxford.

One has to have a proven record in a range of areas including academics, integrity of character, passion for community and leadership skills to be even counted eligible for being a Rhodes Scholar. Dalhousie University’s Nayani Jensen is someone who fits the bill perfectly. Never limited to one field of study she has always demonstrated great versatility in multiple fields. She’s an ardent pursuer of music and creative writing, having composed a number of short stories, poems and winning the Young Adult Novel Prize in the Atlantic Writing Competition in 2014. Her musical exploits include violin performances in the Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra and the Dalhousie Symphony Orchestra.

This published writer, violinist, and playwright, is above all, a passionate engineer and believes that engineering is much more than physics, chemistry and math.

“Engineers are doing a lot of really versatile things”, Jensen points out, adding further, “I think people think of engineering as being very narrow, forcing you to do one thing. But that’s not really the case. You can definitely do a lot while you’re doing it — it never has to be just math, or just physics, or just art for that matter. I think when you’re in university, there’s the possibility of doing everything you want to do.” As contrary to the fear that is built around the concept of tech and the ‘challenges’ of the engineering profession especially for girls to accomplish, Jensen’s views surely enhance the appeal of the field. Yet the lady is all excited to refine her writing skills as she also plans to pursue the study of English language and English literature at Oxford.

She is regarded as the flag bearer of her institution as Dr. Darrel A. Doman, Department Head and Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dalhousie proudly comments, “Nayani is an exceptional student academically, but also exemplifies the best qualities of a professional engineer.”

Jensen showed how one can be creative yet be as sharp when it comes to science, and blend knowledge and creativity to produce technology with a purpose.

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